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$50,000 plus applicable taxes.

What is the current entrance fee?

There is no waiting list at this time.

Is there a waiting list at this time?

No, the entrance fee is not refundable after admission to the Club as a member. No, a Hollyburn membership is not transferable.

Is the entrance fee refundable or transferable?

Can members bring guests to the Club?

Yes, member guests are welcome at Hollyburn. Members are permitted to bring a maximum of four participating adult guests per month; however, no guest may frequent the Club more than twice per month. Guest fees are applicable if guests participate in an activity during their visit. For more information, please refer to House Rule #8.

What is the difference between a Regular Membership and a Corporate Membership?

There are no financial differences between a Regular and Corporate membership. Families applying for a Corporate Membership should be aware that their children will not be eligible for an Intermediate Membership when they are removed from their guardians’ account at age 26. Additional information pertaining to Corporate
Memberships can be provided upon request.

Can a nanny/caregiver be added to a family’s membership?

Yes, a nanny/caregiver can be added to a family’s membership for an additional fee. The nanny/caregiver would not have access to the Club’s facilities for their own use, but could accompany a child under 7 years old into the swimming pool in the absence of the child’s parent.

How long does the application
process take?

Hollyburn’s application process takes approximately two months to complete. After an applicant’s name has been posted for 30 days their application is taken to the Membership Committee and Board of Directors for approval. Club usage is not permitted during the application process.

What are Intermediate Memberships?

Intermediate Memberships are for children of Regular Members who are joining the Club under their own name. At the age of 26, dependants are removed from their parents’ or guardians’ Hollyburn membership. At this time they are given the opportunity to re-join the Club at a reduced rate. More information is available upon request.

What Club privileges and services are included in members’ monthly dues?

As a regular member, monthly dues include the basic usage of the Club’s facilities. Surcharges apply for programming, lessons, services, food and beverage. Note, monthly dues and club privileges differ depending on the type of membership a member holds.


Does Hollyburn have a minimum food and beverage charge?