programs & SERVICES

Hollyburn offers four programming sessions: fall, winter, spring and summer. Each session offers over 250 programs for all ages and skill levels. In addition, spring break and summer camps are available to keep your children active when school is not in session. The high calibre coaching, small class sizes and competitive rates make Hollyburn’s programming very attractive to parents. In addition, our no hassle registration process will save you time and stress.

On top of programming, Hollyburn offers a number of services that suite your needs, such as dry-cleaning, physiotherapy, massage therapy, child minding and esthetic treatments.

The View - Hollyburn's program guide


Hollyburn Country Club is a premier athletic and family Club situated in West Vancouver’s British Properties. Hollyburn’s publication, The View, is a resource of pertinent and timely Club information that impacts members’ lives. The upscale publication reflects the premier brand of which Hollyburn embodies.