$50,000 + GST (applicable to all categories of regular membership)


  • Down payment with application: 20% of entrance fee ($10,000)

  • Balance of entrance fee due upon admission to membership.

  • Financing arrangements available.

Monthly dues

Corporate                  $323.00
*Family                      $323.00
Couple                       $277.00
Single                        $231.20
Social Single               $115.60
Social Couple              $138.50
Non-Resident Single     $404.60 (annual charge)
Non-Resident Couple    $484.80 (annual charge)
*Children 19-26            $65.80

Entrance fees and membership dues are subject to all applicable taxes.
Entrance fees and membership dues are subject to change at any time without notice.


New membership applicants are required to make a down payment of $10,000.00 with
their membership application. This is in keeping with the Board of Directors approved
policy to charge 20% of the current entrance fee.

New membership applicants may choose one of the two options listed below for payment
of their entrance fee:


option 1: Payment in Full

Entrance Fee ($50,000 less $10,000 deposit)                           $40,000
GST (on $50,000.00 entrance fee)                                           $2,500
Total                                                                                 $42,500


Option 2: Financing Option

After the membership application has been approved, the member is invoiced for 50% of the entrance fee (less $10,000 deposit), GST is applicable.

50% of Entrance Fee ($25,000 less $10,000.00 deposit)            $15,000
GST (on $50,000 entrance fee)                                                $2,500
Total                                                                                  $17,500

The entrance fee balance will be paid in three annual installments billed to the member’s account on the anniversary of acceptance to membership as follows:

First Anniversary                                                                    $9,750
Second Anniversary                                                                $9,750
Third Anniversary                                                                   $9,750
Total                                                                                 $29,250

The member must sign a PROMISSORY NOTE for payment of this outstanding balance. The additional $4,250 is a financing charge on the remaining $25,000.